10 Food Options To Eat With Braces On

Only a fellow foodie can understand your reservations about having braces because of eating limitations. But the good news is that there are many items you can delve into and enjoy even with this device strapped to your teeth. We have listed below some of the common items you can eat with braces on.

We understand that steering clear of some foods and sticking to a different diet is difficult, but remember that discomfort is temporary and the perfect smile will be permanent.

List Of Foods You Can Eat After Getting Braces On

Braces are metal wires fixed on the tooth surface, making it difficult for the brush to reach in tiny places. Always remember the first week is difficult, but after that things get easy.

  1. Scrambled eggs – are your daily boost of proteins needed by the body. They are soft, do not need much chewing, are easy to eat, and fill the stomach easily.
  2. Mac and Cheese – who does not love a creamy bowl of macaroni and cheese? The soft silky cheese and plump easy to chew macaroni are a perfect dinner option to eat right after getting braces.
  3. Broth/Soups – The thick broth is easy to gulp in. Make sure not to take in burning hot beverages. Instead, go for warm broth or soups that will fulfill the hunger and not put unwarranted pressure on teeth.
  4. Mashed Potatoes – potatoes in every form are delicious, right? You can enjoy a good lunch or dinner by eating boiled, mashed potatoes with a zest of garlic.
  5. Bananas – We understand that just savory will get boring to a point. In that situation, since we can’t offer sugary items to eat after getting braces, bananas are a healthy alternative.
  6. Seafood – fish, shrimp, scallops, etc., all soft enough to be eaten easily.
  7. Milk and Other Dairy products – such as yogurt or cheese can help provide the nourishment your body needs for apt healing.
  8. Meat for protein – shredded chicken and meatloaf do not require much chewing; therefore are one of the best protein sources.
  9. Smoothies for sore mouth – if it is difficult for your mouth to stay open right after getting braces, you do not eat anything. Rather, choose smoothies to fill your tummy.
  10. Steamed Veggies – no worries if you are vegan; steamed vegetables are soft enough to be eaten by the patient wearing braces.

What To Not Eat With Braces On?

Some foods are risky that can make you prone to cavities since brush can’t reach everywhere, and bacteria can multiply in that area. Here’s a list of foods not to eat after getting braces.

  1. Steer clear of chewy edibles such as candy, popsicles, and licorice.
  2. Foods that need a hard bite, such as crunchy foods: chips and popcorn.
  3. Sticky foods like caramel and bubble gum glue to the wires.
  4. Nuts and pretzels (hard foods)
  5. Fruits or veggies that require bite force, such as whole apples, carrots in raw form, and corn on the cob.
  6. Sugary foods such as chocolates or sweets.
  7. Sweet beverages such as fruit juice, soft drinks, and energy drinks.

What If You Eat Any Food Amongst The Above?

Having the type of foods that are mentioned above can result in pain and increase the risk of your brackets or wires breaking. This will not only cause immense pain but also force unscheduled trips to the dentist and increase overall treatment time.

Final Words

Sticking to safe foods can greatly reduce your chances of any cavity development or repercussions. Even so, if you feel that your braces bracket has moved a little or tightening is required, hop on to Vintage Smile Family Dentistry for affordable braces service in Houston, Texas for a quick fix. Call (281) 251-7770 to make an appointment.


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