5 Reasons Why You Have Gap In Your Teeth

The gap in the teeth is the kind of defect that takes a toll on your personality, too, since it diverts the attention towards the flaw. People have always searched for options to mask this hindrance. Every individual deserves to have a perfect smile with shiny pearls front in line. Read on to know why this issue occurs and ways to deal with them.

Gap In The Teeth or Diastema

The void in between your teeth is termed diastema. They may situate anywhere in along the teeth line but are most prominently found amongst the front 2 incisors. This condition is primarily seen amongst children but is found in adults too.

Primarily, this gap between teeth emerges during the early ages of 5 years or maybe younger when the teeth start growing in. Usually, this gap closes on its own when the child turns 10. However, if the permanent set of teeth already makes their way out around the hole, it will likely stay open.

Reasons – Gap in the Teeth

There are quite a few causes linked with the gaps amongst the teeth; some are mentioned below:

Frenulum Fold
Your frenum or frenulum is a skin fold that fixates the upper lips and gum together. If the frenum is situated lower than usual, it will result in a big or small gap in the teeth.

Gene factor plays a crucial role in determining the teeth’ size. If yours is tinier than that jaw bone size, they will make gaps in between.

Trouble for Thumb Suckers
Usually, thumb-sucking children exert additional pressure on their front jaw, protruding them forward.

Thrusting Tongue
When the swallowing pattern is not correct, your tongue pushes the frontal incisors upwards or forwards, making a void in them.

Gum Disease
Gums are structures to support the teeth. People who suffer from gum diseases have inflammatory gums, which makes it difficult to help keep teeth. The issues progress, and the tooth is lost, creating a space in between behind.

Can We Fill the Gap in Teeth?

Mostly, people do not do anything about it since it is merely cosmetic trouble. However, if the gap among your teeth is forming due to gum disease, you should consult a dentist who will give multiple options for fixing this problem.

The wires and brackets put pressure on the teeth, thereby closing any gap between them.

Veneers or Bonding
If you don’t want to opt for braces, then bonding or veneers is a good option for you. Ask your dentist to use a resinous compound that resembles your natural tooth color to fill the gap in the teeth.

Frenulum Surgery
Getting the extra tissue removed effectively minimizes teeth spaces. However, if the gap is enormous, you may require braces with it too.

Final Take Out

A gap in between your teeth may be a big issue. However, it does hinder a person’s growth and confidence. Dentists at Vintage Smile Family Dentistry will restore your smile. Call now at 281 251 7770 for more information or an appointment.


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