5 Ways To Properly Sleep After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Getting your wisdom teeth pulled out is a complex and taxing procedure that does not end up once you are out of the dentist’s chair. The aftercare process is also quite complicated and crucial for your oral health. The best way to speed up healing is to relax after a fatiguing procedure and what’s better than a little snooze? So, how to appropriately sleep after wisdom teeth removal? We are here with your answer.

5 Must-Dos To Sleep Well After Wisdom Teeth Removal

A sound sleep after wisdom teeth removal is essential for your healing process. With the right approach, you can not only rest nicely but reduce your recovery period.

Here’s how to sleep after tooth extraction:

Do not Skip Your Pain Medications

Not taking your prescribed painkillers before sleeping after wisdom teeth removal is a big mistake. You do not feel any pain during the process because the dentist uses a local or general anesthetic, according to the case.

As soon as their effect wears off the pain kicks in. Pain will be a hurdle to good sleep, especially the first night after the extraction of your tooth or multiple teeth. Therefore, we urge you to take prescribed or OTC pain medicines to sleep without any discomfort.

Posture / Sleeping Positions after Wisdom Teeth Removal

The way you sleep, i.e., the position, is critical. It is quite possible for your affected site to discharge out. This is why you should sleep on your side after getting your tooth extraction. Moreover, apart from oozing issues, you may suffer from increased swelling by lying flat, so that’s a no no.

Keep Your Head High

It is not easy to pass out this way, and you just want to know how long you’d have to sleep elevated after wisdom teeth removal, right? The good news is that you only have to keep your head up for the first few nights, and then back to normal.

Use an Ice pack or Cold Compress

Swelling can increase your discomfort and hamper your sleep. For this reason, dentists advise using a cold compress press on the site of extraction so that inflammation goes down.

However, using an ice pack is better for short periods and not the whole night.

Keep a check For Dry Socket

A dry socket formation after a wisdom tooth extraction is a grave complication. In this condition, the blood scab dislodges, leaving the extraction site exposed to the mercy of external factors. The exposed nerves suffer from extensive, unbearable pain if come across any trigger – food or beverage.

To avoid this, try not to suck on anything for the first few weeks so that the blood scab or clot remains in place.

Final Words

You must be very careful during the recovery period after wisdom teeth extraction and set a good nocturnal sleep cycle to speed up the healing process. If you are in search of more answers regarding wisdom teeth extraction or the healing stage, talk to one of the dentists from Vintage Smile Family Dentistry at (281) 251-7770


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