6 Possible Causes You Have a Gap Between Your Teeth

Did you know the gap in your teeth is known as Diastema? It is pretty common among both children and adults. These spaces between your teeth don’t always pose any medical harm, but their development has other reasons too. We will list down the possible reasons you may have diastema.

Why do I have Gap In My Teeth?

Do you know what causes gaps in teeth? The causes of gapped teeth may vary from person to person. It is a space that is more than 0.5 millimeters wide and can develop between any teeth. The factors that result in diastema include:

  1. Size of Teeth & Jaw bone
    A possible reason for the gap in teeth could be that your jaw is larger than your teeth. This could be hereditary, as the size of the jaw bone is genetic.
  2. Thumb-sucking
    Many children indulge in the habit of sucking their thumbs, which puts pressure on their front teeth and pushes them forward. As a result, they may develop a gap between their teeth.
  3. Tongue Thrusting
    Another habit that results in gapped teeth is a result of incorrect swallowing reflexes, like tongue thrusting. This habit separates the front teeth by pushing them forward. And consequently, a gap in teeth is formed.
  4. Undersized Teeth
    In the case of missing or undersized teeth, a diastema is a consequence. Usually, the teeth located on either side of the upper front teeth, the lateral incisors, are the ones missing or undersized. Hence, it leads to a gap between your front teeth.
  5. Labial Frenum
    The labial frenum is the tissue that connects your upper front teeth to your gum line. An oversized labial frenum can also lead to spaces between your teeth.
  6. Gum disease
    An infection in your teeth can cause inflammation in your gums, damaging the gum and teeth holding tissues. Thus, your teeth start to lose and separate, and this can cause gaps between your teeth.
  7. Is it possible to fix a gap in my teeth?

    Yes, there are ways to treat diastema. Usually, there is a gap in the front teeth that people want to treat. Your dentist can suggest a suitable method to close the space. The treatment for gaps in front teeth, or any other teeth, may include:

    • Braces help close the gap in teeth by putting pressure on your teeth.
    • Veneers are thin tooth-colored porcelain shells attached to the surface of your teeth. They help in the case of small or undersized teeth.
    • Bonding: helps if diastema is due to small teeth by applying and hardening a resin to the teeth.
    • Dental Implants are useful if a tooth is missing. Dental implants are attached by inserting screws into jawbones.
    • Bridge is also helpful in case of missing teeth and attached to teeth on both sides of the teeth.
    • Frenectomy: a surgical procedure to remove the oversized labial frenum that causes the gap.
    • Treatment of Gum Disease: your dentist will perform scaling and suggest antibiotics to treat the gum infection. Then, one of the methods mentioned above is chosen to narrow the space between your teeth.


    Diastema can result from any of the reasons mentioned above. If you want to fix your gapped teeth, our dental experts at Vintage Family Dental Care can help. Schedule an appointment by calling (281) 251-7770.


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