Dr. Husain Kapadia

Vintage Smile Family Dentistry

Welcome to Vintage Smile Family Dentistry

I am Dr. Kapadia, or Dr. K as my patients know me. I have been practicing General Dentistry since 2018 when I received my Doctor of Dental Medicine from Lake Erie College of Dental Medicine.

I have always envisioned owning my own practice where I can perform dentistry with dedication and integrity and where I can ensure I can devote the level of time and care I know my patients deserve – something the corporate dental offices heavily compromise on.

I want Vintage Smile to be a one stop shop for all dental needs for you and your family and so since the start of my career as a General Dentist I have taken numerous courses from well renowned Institutions such as Hiossen to ensure I am up to date with current trends in General Dentistry and enable myself to proficiently perform complex treatments while working alongside Periodontists for Implant cases, Orthodontists for braces and cosmetic treatments and specialists for root canals.

I am a dentist who is truly passionate about the work I do. I make it my personal mission to ensure you feel right at home from the moment you step foot inside Vintage Smile till the moment your oral concerns are erased.

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