Are Braces While Pregnant A Good Idea?

Getting braces for teeth straightening is not something that can’t be done while you are pregnant. Just because you are about to give life does not mean you can’t work on yourself. Now is your time, mama! With the new addition, how about you welcome it with a brand new smile?

Can You Get Dental Braces While Pregnant?

Pregnancy may just be the best time to get braces for your teeth as this entire time period takes a toll on them, and braces can actually help your loose teeth.
It is easy to sit and get your orthodontic treatment beforehand because, in the latter months, your extra time will go on gynecologist appointments as your braces will take a backseat.
Starting braces treatment in the begging will give you ample time, and then removal will be easy before your child grows up.

Pregnancy and Teeth Change

This phenomenon is usually overlooked, but pregnancy can significantly affect your dental health. Even if you had the best oral health, a gestational hormone surge could make it go down the drain.

Swelling of gum is common, which is called pregnancy tumors in the dental world. However, do not beat yourself to it; there is nothing dangerous or malignant about it. The whole change is reversible.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy are a given that loosens teeth. However, this does not mean your teeth will fall out or remain wiggly for life. Things go back to normal as soon as your baby arrives, and the hormonal shift returns to its normal state.

Pregnant Women With Braces and Dietary Intake

You need to eat various items to support the life inside, and braces in no way are a hurdle to your nutritional needs. However, there are some restrictions for all people, pregnant or not, with braces.

  1. Crunchy foods that may cut your gums, like pretzels, nuts, apples, etc.
  2. Foods that require hard biting, such as hard rolls, pizza crusts, or steak.
  3. Items that need chewing more than normal, like taffy, gummies, or dried fruit.
  4. Brittle edibles that may stick on the gums, such as chips, seeds, popcorn, etc.
  5. Hard candy like lollipops, lemon drops, butterscotch, and mints.
  6. Ice might be your answer to swollen gums during pregnancy for easing pain, but trust us, it does more bad than good.

Doctors say that a high-protein diet is shown to increase breast milk production to a considerable extent. Some of the best protein sources are meat and beans, which can be difficult to chew, so they are not advisable during your time in braces.

However, the good news is that there are other braces-friendly ways to obtain protein. Some of the options include eggs, chicken breast, cheese, and yogurt.
Additionally, fish is also a great protein source, but you need to be careful with it while you are pregnant since mercury is harmful for the baby.

To Sum It Up

It is absolutely safe to get braces while you are pregnant, so do not shy away from reaching out to your dentist. Why don’t you get in touch with the best teeth specialist in Houston, TX, from Vintage Smile Family Dentistry? Dial (281) 251-7770 to connect with us.


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