Best Pediatric Dentist In Houston, TX

Best Pediatric Dentist In Houston, TX
If you live in Houston or nearby suburbs, Vintage Smile Family Dentistry is your expert provider of pediatric dental needs. Our kid-friendly dentists provide a warm, welcoming environment, so your child is never afraid of the dental chair. We strive to provide your kids with the most caring services. In addition, we ensure we listen to their desires and respond to their queries with love and guidance. In essence, this is what makes us the best pediatric dentist in Houston, Tx. To schedule an appointment for your child, call our dental office today at (281) 251-7770.

If you have any questions about your kid’s oral health during or after a session, do not hesitate to contact our friendly dentists. Learning about oral issues is the key to prevent them from occurring. In-office convenience is our primary goal; we make sure your child feels at home whenever they visit us for a treatment or regular dental exam.

Why Choose Pediatric Dentistry?

Our friendly dental staff love kids and take pride in treating children of all ages. As experts in pediatric dentistry, we want to change how pediatric dental care works. We do this by providing the necessary knowledge needed to form long-lasting relationships with our patients. As leaders of pediatric dental care in Houston, we provide the best possible care and treatment to improve your kid’s oral and overall health. At our dental office, we offer treatment for toddlers, infants, and children with special needs. Treatments are always customized to the condition and needs of each individual.

It is not always just about the kids. Along with pediatric dentistry, we offer orthodontics, periodontics, and general dentistry. We value your time, and for this, we work hard to cater to the oral needs of each of your family members at one single location.

The Pain-Free Kids Dentist

Most kids are often afraid of the dentist’s office; however, our friendly staff knows how to make your child’s dental visit as pain-free as possible! Various sedation dentistry techniques are available to relax your kid. Here are some of the types of sedation our dentist may use, including:
  • Inhaled minimal sedation: Laughing gas or nitrous oxide is used in combination with oxygen that helps your child relax. The amount of sedation is controlled by the dentist, and the effects fade away quickly.
  • IV moderate sedation: This sedation drug is administered through a vein and works abruptly.
  • Deep Sedation: These medications can make your child fully or partially unconscious.
Using sedation becomes necessary as children tend to be shaky during their treatment. If they don’t sit still, they can cause themselves to get injured! Putting a child to sleep can help minimize the associated risks of getting a cut.

Contact Your Pediatric Dentist in Houston

Our dental office is easily reachable. With flexible timings, you and your child can get the care you need at a time suitable for you. This allows you to not miss critical meetings for a dental appointment!

Call Vintage Smile Family Dentistry at (281) 251-7770 and book your appointment with top pediatricians in Houston, Tx. We will be more than happy to hear from you!

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