Does Your Child Have A Bone Sticking Out Of Gum After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Many children undergo a wisdom tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth erupt when a person is between 15 to 24 years. While not necessary, most dentists prefer to have your child’s wisdom teeth removed. This is because these teeth can surprise your child in many forms. In some cases, wisdom teeth can cause just a minor pain, and other times, they can become impacted, causing severe side effects.

Though a wisdom tooth extraction is a simple surgery, there is a complication that you should know. Sometimes, patients notice a bone sticking out of gum, also called a bone spur, after wisdom tooth extraction.

What are bone spurs?

After tooth extraction, your orthodontist/dentist will carefully remove debris and any bone fragments (bone spurs) that may be left behind in the socket. Even after a thorough cleaning, some stubborn bone fragments stick to their position. Bone spurs or bone spicules cause pain and swelling around the extraction site. Because bone spurs are not expected for everyone, you should occasionally check your child’s mouth for any visible inflammation or ask if your little champ is experiencing any pain. In case a bone is sticking out of gum after your child has undergone a wisdom tooth extraction, they may feel something pointy on their tongue. You can use a torch to have an exact look at the bone spurs, but some may not be visible to the naked eye.

Is it normal to have bone fragments after tooth extraction?

A bone sticking out of gum after a wisdom tooth extraction is normal, and you shouldn’t worry much about your child. These bone fragments naturally work their way out of the gum tissues, usually taking around a week or more.

While it is common to witness an exposed bone out of the surgery site, some very sharp ones can hurt and give cuts to your tongue. Moreover, you may experience pain and gum tenderness. It is advised to schedule an appointment for your child to have the bone spurs removed.

How do you treat an exposed bone in the gum after a tooth extraction?

To treat exposed bone fragments, your child can rely on the natural healing process or visit their dentist. Whatever you and your child decide, taking prescribed pain relievers can help ease the pain and get a good night’s sleep. You can also ask your child to gargle with lukewarm saltwater softly. Saltwater is a great way to relieve gum swelling and helps eradicate bone spurs.

Can you remove the bone spurs yourself?

You can, but please don’t! Trying to make it a DIY project is not a good idea and can lead to further complications. Unsupervised removal attempts can disturb the blood clot on the site. A dislodged blood clot can initiate a dry socket, which causes extreme pain and elongates the recovery process.

For bone spicules removal, schedule an appointment with the dentists at Vintage Smile Family Dentistry. Give us a call at (281) 251-7770 .


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