Can A Cracked Tooth Heal Via Dental Approaches?

A cracked tooth is what it sounds like, and it’s a tooth with a crack in it. Think of it like a little break in the hard outer layer of your tooth. It can happen for various reasons, like biting down on something hard, having a cavity weaken the tooth, or even just from everyday wear and tear.

If you wonder,” Can a cracked tooth heal itself?” the answer is no. You need intervention from a dental professional. They have some effective treatment approaches to provide you with long-term relief.

Can a Cracked Tooth Repair Itself?

There is no way a fractured tooth can fix itself. In certain cases, where the crack is minor, it is limited to the outer surface of the enamel. It is usually not a cause of concern and goes away with fluoride treatment and good oral hygiene.

The good bacteria and minerals in your saliva can repair it. However, extensive cracks are going nowhere without a proper treatment approach. Cracks that extend beyond the enamel and expose the dentin and pulp require treatment.

What Can a Dentist Do with a Cracked Tooth?

The treatment method of a dentist depends on the severity of the crack. Variations in the fractured tooth include craze lines, cusp fractures, split teeth, vertical root fractures, and cracks that surpass the gum line. Your dentist can:

  1. Let it Be
    This also means no treatment. Some cracks are so minor they do not require any medical intervention. For example, a tiny line at the chewing surface of the enamel.
  2. Dental Bonding
    Your dentist can consider using teeth bonding for tiny chips and cracks due to usual wear and tear. Your teeth are coated with a composite resin mixture and hardened under UV light.
  3. Crown Placement
    A crown is a protective cover for the exposed pulp in case of severe crack. Your dentist drills away some of your enamel to fit the crown perfectly over the remaining tooth structure. This method takes about 2 weeks but works for a lifetime. Dental crowns are usually crafted from porcelain and ceramic materials.
  4. Root Canal
    A badly damaged tooth where the crack extends into the pulp. This is a part where blood vessels and nerves reside. Due to exposure, the pulp gets infected, and the dentist removes it via a root canal. Seal your tooth properly to prevent recurring infection so no bacteria can enter.
  5. Tooth Extraction
    At times, the crack is too cruel that it compromises the structural integrity of your tooth. The root and nerve damage makes the injury fatal for the teeth. Remember that your dentist will try to save your natural tooth as much as possible. They use tooth extraction as a last resort.

Final Word

They are mostly accidental injuries that crack a tooth. If the crack is visible outside, it’s a matter of concern. However, cracking it without a trace is also possible. A cracked tooth can’t heal itself, but a dentist can help.

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