Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Headaches?

People ask, “Do wisdom teeth make you smart?” Well, the answer is no, they don’t. We call them wisdom teeth because they grow from ages 17-20 to complete the set of 32 teeth.
Now that we know these teeth don’t make us wise let’s look into what they do. Wisdom teeth are the strongest, widest molars to grind food. There are 4 wisdom teeth, two on top, and two in bottom. If you’re wondering, “can wisdom teeth cause headaches?” you’re on the right page.
The wisdom teeth can cause discomfort in the following conditions:


The American Dental Association (ADA) says wisdom teeth begin their movement through your jawbone after the second set of molars come in. Then, after almost five years, the wisdom teeth eventually emerge through your gum line. This movement of wisdom teeth can cause headaches.


Impacted teeth mean those that grew out improperly. It is widespread to have such teeth because mostly teeth don’t get enough space to emerge properly and shift their place. An improper bite might cause compensation in your lower jaw.
Impaction occurs either because the teeth are a bit crooked or pushing against other molars, which causes discomfort. Moreover, some people might witness the teeth getting stuck in the jaw too. All of this can contribute to headaches, soreness, and pain.
However, the impaction should be treated at its earliest if it’s causing pain or dental problems.


There isn’t surgery for headaches from wisdom teeth. However, if you’re experiencing pain from emergence or impaction, here are some home remedies to provide relief.

Lukewarm salt water rinses are popularly known to provide relief when we talk about oral pain. If you’re experiencing emerging teeth pain, we have got good news for you. By rinsing the teeth with warm sodium chloride (salt) water, you can attain healthy gums.
Moreover, warm water ensures the killing of bacteria too. Excellent oral hygiene involves a bacteria-free mouth. However, you should regularly clean the rest of your mouth, which means brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day. This way, your gums remain healthy and bacteria-free.

Pain killers can be helpful when immediate relief is concerned. Moreover, you can take them anywhere with you. Aspirin is an approved formula for headaches, used across the globe. A study showed that Aspirin is effective at dulling dental pain.
Although Aspirin is effective, one should not overdose on it and keep following the label instructions always.

Lastly, you apply hot and cold therapies too. You can do this by applying an ice pack to your cheeks or heat pads. When you apply ice packs, you’ll notice a slight numbness that will reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain.
When you apply heat pads, they tend to loosen up the stiff muscles and improve blood flow. All in all, it reduces headache pain quite a lot.

If these remedies fail to provide you relief, visit us at Vintage Smile Dentistry or call at 281-251-7770 to book an appointment today!


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