Can Your Wisdom Teeth Grow Back After Extraction?

Let’s be honest: no one likes going through the troubles that wisdom teeth can bring forth. If you are one of the lucky ones, the third molar will grow at the right angle. However, some of them aren’t so lucky and end up with wisdom teeth that are impacted, infected, or coming in at an incorrect angle. In such cases, dentists recommend the removal of the wisdom tooth. However, many people wonder: can wisdom teeth grow back? Keep reading this blog to learn!

Can Wisdom Teeth Grow Back After Extraction?

No, wisdom teeth cannot grow back after extraction. Unlike our skin or nails, wisdom teeth do not possess regenerative qualities, so it is physically impossible for them to grow back.

A Little Bit About Supernumerary Teeth

It is clear: wisdom teeth will not grow back once they have been extracted. But then, what about the extra growth that some people experience? To answer, it is possible that the extra molar is actually a supernumerary tooth — they are hiding behind the molars, and once the wisdom tooth is removed, you can spot them easily.

Supernermary teeth are different and smaller from the third molar. They erupt from a tiny tooth bud, and so you might miss them the first time around. So, when someone claims their wisdom tooth came back, they might actually be referring to supernumerary teeth; they were always there, just hiding behind the wisdom tooth.

In simple terms, regular teeth do not come back, and wisdom teeth cannot grow back after extraction. Therefore, if someone claims their wisdom tooth came back, it is probable that they are confusing it with supernumerary teeth.

Should I Get Tooth Extraction for Supernumerary Teeth?

When extra teeth grow in your mouth, it is also known as hyperdontia. Generally, you will not need treatment for hyperdontia, but your dentist might suggest removal if it is interfering with your dental health. You should immediately tell your dental expert if you have been experiencing the symptoms of hyperdontia, particularly pain, swelling, weakness in the mouth, and more.

However, you can let them be if they are just sitting in your mouth without causing any trouble. Wisdom teeth can cause trouble, so it is better to get them evaluated by a dental professional. Plus, extra teeth might push normal ones out of their place, which results in pain, infection, and more.

Final Takeaway

Wisdom teeth can create havoc when they come in at the wrong angle or become impacted. Your dentist might suggest plucking them out to avoid further dental issues. Many people wonder if they can grow back, and they cannot — if you do notice additional growths, they are probably supernumerary teeth.

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