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Emergency Dentistry in Vintage Park
That’s why it’s important to know a trusted emergency dentist. At Vintage Smile, our team will work with you after a dental emergency to provide quick, effective care and pain relief. We understand that emergencies are challenging. We work with every patient to provide urgent care services that work- saving you time, money, and pain so you can focus on your recovery.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can range from facial trauma to sudden tooth or jaw pain. Injuries to the face (including the mouth and jaw) can cause cracked, broken, or chipped teeth, as well as general tooth pain. Injuries can also lead to damaged fillings, crowns, bridges, or veneers. Sudden, intense tooth or jaw pain can also be considered a dental emergency. Often, this pain is caused by an infection, such as gingivitis or a tooth abscess.

Whether your pain is being caused by an injury or an infection, it is important to get urgent dental help.

Emergency Dental Services

Emergency dental appointments begin by diagnosing the problem. Your dentist will gently examine your mouth using both manual tools and x-rays. After making a diagnosis, your dentist can use fillings, bonding, or crowns to quickly repair damage. If you have an infection, your dentist can clean the infection site and perform a root canal to clear away tooth decay. Medications will also be used to reduce pain, swelling, and other unpleasant symptoms.

To summarize, there are many different types of emergency dental services. That’s because there are many different types of emergencies! Our dental experts will work with you to provide the best treatment for your unique needs.

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