How Long Do You Have To Wait Before You Can Eat After A Filling?

Did you know that 1 in every 4 adults in the United States has a dental cavity? They’re so common that most people don’t even consider getting a filling as serious dental work. In fact, some people completely forget that you need to wait before eating after a dental filling.

Although it isn’t prohibited, you still need to let the filling harden and set before you eat. This prevents the filling from getting displaced or falling out right away.

Can You Eat After A Dental Filling?

Yes, you can. But it’s best to give your filling some time to harden. Even though dentists nowadays use composite resin fillings, which instantly solidify thanks to UV light, they still need to settle. This can take around two to four hours, and it ensures your dental filling won’t fall out any time soon.

Not to mention, even though you can eat whatever you want, it’s best to avoid eating foods that are too hard or chewy.

Moreover, try not to use the side of the mouth with the filling. This mainly ensures there’s no discomfort or pain after the procedure. And by this time, the numbing agent will have also faded, making it easy for you to eat without accidentally biting your tongue or cheeks.

Things You Can Eat After Getting A Filling

Unless you want your filling to fall right off or your cavity to return, monitoring your diet is important.

It can be pretty tempting to dive right into your favorite snacks and crunch through everything. But in order to avoid serious pain, maintaining a healthy diet is the only way out.

Thus, if you recently got a dental filling, here are some food items you can eat:

  1. Cooked or Steamed Vegetables
  2. Smoothies
  3. Soft Cheese
  4. Applesauce
  5. Oatmeal
  6. Ice cream or Ice lollies
  7. Soft Boiled or Scrambled Eggs
  8. Pudding
  9. Soft, Chewable Fruits
  10. Protein Shake

Things To Avoid Eating After A Filling

Anything that is too chewy, sticky, crunchy, hard, or even hot should be avoided after getting a dental filling.

Although it might not seem like it, all these food items can play a major role in disrupting your newly-filled tooth. That is why foods like pizza, chewing gum, nuts, candies, burgers, steaks, etc., are better left avoided.

Only once the pressure and discomfort are gone and your mouth finally gets used to the new feeling can you slowly go back to expanding your palate.

What’s The Takeaway?

To sum it up, yes, you can eat after a filling. But in order to prevent dental complications, it is ideal to wait for at least a few hours after the procedure. This gives your filling the time to harden and set, preventing it from accidentally slipping out.

Moreover, no matter how badly you want to snack on crispy, crunchy foods, try to avoid them for at least 24 to 48 days.

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