How Long Does It Take To Get Braces Off? All You Need to Know

Finally, the day is here — you are going to get your braces off! It is a much-awaited moment people with braces look forward to from the day they receive the orthodontic appliance. When you are fantasizing about the day, you might wonder: how long does it take to get braces off?

How long it takes to remove your braces will rely on factors such as the type of braces, severity of the orthodontic concern, your overall health, and more. On average, it takes around an hour for the orthodontist to remove braces. We will talk all about it in this blog!

How Long Does Braces Removal Take?

Generally, the process of removing braces lasts around an hour. Your orthodontist will loosen the grip of braces on your teeth or pop the braces off with the help of their handy tools, which makes the process much more convenient.

What to Expect When You Get Your Braces Off

Removing braces definitely takes less time than the process of initial examination and attaching the braces, that’s for sure. You might have to wait almost an hour, and voila! No more braces. Below, we will list the steps usually involved in taking the braces off:

  1. The orthodontist will use their special plier tool to squeeze as well as separate each bracket from your tooth.
  2. After that, it is time to remove the metal bands that help anchor the braces to your back teeth.
  3. Once the brackets and molar bands are taken off, the orthodontist will proceed to detach the braces from your teeth.
  4. When your teeth are no longer attached to braces or its components, the orthodontist will clean the dental cement with the help of a special tool.
  5. First, they will scrape the dental cement off of your teeth and then polish them.
  6. Lastly, your dental specialist will take the fittings and impressions of your teeth to design your custom retainers — all of this is done when your teeth are free of glue, dental cement, or anything related to braces. This is extremely crucial! If you do not wear a retainer after braces, your teeth will revert back to their original position.

Living Without Braces: Some Helpful Tips!

After you have lived with braces for a while, it can be a new feeling to suddenly enter the stage where you no longer have anything attached to your teeth. It’s both easy and weird — and, initially, it might take some getting used to. While you maneuver through this phase, you can focus on your straight and aligned teeth, which was the entire purpose of the procedure.

Be prepared to feel light without the burden of braces when you take the first bite! In addition, after months or years of struggle, it will be a welcoming change to floss and brush easily. No more hurdles or strict restrictions!

If you have any difficulty following the procedure, consult your orthodontist right away.

Final Note

You can expect the braces removal procedure to last an hour. When your braces are off, your orthodontist will provide you with customized retainers that are tailored according to your teeth. The purpose of retainers is to prevent your teeth from reverting back to their old position; there is no compromise on wearing them!

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