How Long Does Professional Teeth Cleaning Take?

Any dental professional you listen to or ask will recommend in-office teeth cleaning twice a year. Getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist is essential for the health of your teeth and mouth. Dental cleaning prevents gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities. Even if you have gingivitis, professional cleanings help stop it from turning into something severe like periodontitis.

But the sad part is that many people have dental phobia, and visiting their dentist every six months is a fearful idea for them. If you too are afraid, we assure you that your visit with us will be very comfortable and won’t take more than an hour. Your routine visit will consist of a detailed examination of your mouth, assessment of oral hygiene regime, and teeth cleaning session. Read on to learn the steps of dental cleaning and how long does it take?

Dental Cleaning Steps

  • Scaling: Scaling is the initial step of every teeth cleaning process. This procedure involves the removal of hard-stuck debris and plaque build-up between the teeth and close to the gum line. Your dental hygienist will either use a metallic manual hand scaler or an automatic ultrasonic scaler.
  • Polishing: After getting rid of plaque and tartar build-up, it’s time to polish your teeth and give them a shiny appearance. A rough polish is applied to each tooth using an auto device. This device has a small rotating head, or simply it’s a super speedy electric toothbrush that buffs the teeth and makes them shiny and bright.
  • Flossing: The final and vital step of professional teeth cleaning is flossing. After a quick floss, you will rinse your mouth and get going.

How Long Does A Dental Cleaning Take?

Generally, teeth cleaning by your dentist takes between 30 to 60 minutes. The time it takes to clean depends on the condition of your oral health and the amount of plaque build-up on the teeth that need to be eliminated. When talking about the entire appointment time, expect to spend an hour to 90 minutes in the dental clinic. Teeth cleaning isn’t an emergency service, so there’s no need to rush during the session. Your dentist will move gently, so you feel relaxed during the entire treatment. But if for any reason you experience any sort of discomfort or pain, let your hygienist know, and they’ll take a pause. The regular checkup and cleaning goes painless and comfortable for most of our patients, and they leave satisfied with their new and fresh smiles.

Ready To Schedule A Consultation?

If you wish to book an appointment for a routine checkup or teeth cleaning, call Vintage Family Dental Care at (281) 251-7770. For some patients, dental cleaning doesn’t fulfill the desire for a shiny bright smile, and they crave something more. We offer teeth whitening service in Houston for those wishing nothing less than a sparkling white smile.


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