How to Floss with Braces On – A guide

Flossing feels like a burden with braces on, right? Well, not anymore. After getting done with this article, you will have ample knowledge on how to floss with braces efficiently.
You must be thinking, why is flossing important anyway? Let’s find out.

Importance of Flossing

Flossing is an important step in the dental hygiene regime. It is not restricted to people with braces only. Whether or not you have one, flossing is essential.
It is a common practice to skip flossing which is wrong since brushing alone is not enough. Your toothbrush has bristles that cannot go deep in the base area between two teeth. Mostly tiny food particles lodge between them which a regular brush can’t reach.
Food debris leads to bacterial manifestation, together with bacteria and saliva they form plaque. This is where flossing comes into action.

Dental Floss

Dental floss is a thin wire-like material used to remove food particles between the teeth.

Why is Flossing Important for People with Braces?

Flossing holds immense importance for people with braces on; here’s why.
Food fragments easily get stuck on your braces while eating. This is where floss comes in handy.

How to Floss with Braces

It usually takes longer than usual to floss with braces on. Strategy is of much importance, massage your gums and try to be watchful for bleeding during the process.

Traditional Flossing with Braces
Usually, this method is quick; but it takes 8 to 10 minutes for people having braces. Be sure to use wax floss for smooth movement.

  1. Cut your floss to a certain length, preferably 20-24 inches.
  2. Thread it in the middle of the main wire and teeth
  3. Wrap the ends of your floss around both index fingers
  4. With a swift movement, slide it up and down throughout your teeth
  5. Make an upside-down angle and gently move
  6. Unthread the floss from wire and remove it when you finish
  7. Repeat the same steps for the next teeth

If you’re planning to use a floss threader, then follow this procedure

  1. Break the length of floss according to your need. Approximately 20-24 inches
  2. Loop approximately 5 inches from one end of the threader
  3. Place the thread between your desired teeth
  4. Remove the loop and floss normally.
  5. Repeat the same steps for the next teeth

Advantages of Using a Floss Threader
It will easily pull the floss from behind the wire.
Using a floss threader saves several minutes from the process.
Oral Irrigation Method
An oral irrigator is like a jet spray. This equipment uses a stream of water with a specified pressure and direction to wash the teeth.
This method would not take much of your time. Let’s see how it helps to floss with braces

  1. Fill the reservoir with water
  2. Insert the narrow-ended tip on the water flosser.
  3. Press the button and first set the desired pressure and direction
  4. On a sink, start the machine and gently move along left and right
  5. Switch Off after using, empty the reservoir

Floss Picks
Floss picks have made it easier to floss with braces. Most importantly it’s quite popular amongst children.
This method is somewhat similar compared with regular flossing techniques.

  • Take the round side that has the thread-like structure and gently slide it in the braces’ wire.
  • Softly move the floss between the teeth
  • Repeat the process for next

One advantage of using it is that children find it easy to use and consume less time.
We hope that this piece eased your queries. If you feel the need, please contact Vintage Smile Family Dentistry, Louetta Road Ste, TX for more information or to schedule an appointment, call 281 251 7770.


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