How To Get Rid Of White Spots on Teeth?

Have you recently developed white spots on your teeth? These spots are also referred to as teeth discoloration and are caused by multiple factors. Some of the pressing causes of white spots on the teeth are illnesses, infections, vitamin deficiency, trauma, or excess fluoride.

In this blog, we have discussed each aspect of the spotted tooth: the reasons, cure, and prevention.

Causes of white spots on teeth

They are usually not troublesome. However, people do frown upon it since it reduces the quality of a smile. Let’s have a look at the reasons why these white spots emerge on the teeth.

Dental fluorosis

It appears in individuals who consume an excessive amount of fluoride when young. It is usually harmless and does not require medical attention.

Decalcification or demineralization

The two terms are interchangeable. In this condition, white spots appear on the teeth due to long accumulation of bacterial content in the oral cavity. Bacteria attacks the enamel, an outermost, protective layer of the teeth. As a result of this invasion, the enamel weakens and breaks down, resulting in white spots on teeth.

Turner’s tooth or enamel hypoplasia

It is a disorder in which there is an absence of enamel. In some cases, the defect occurs only in some parts of the tooth, not all. It forms dents and pits on the enamel. Multiple factors can cause white spots on the teeth in this condition

  • lack of proper nutrition
  • illnesses – high fever
  • premature birth of the baby
  • smoking during gestation (pregnancy)
  • medicine
  • trauma

The white spots may progress into decay. It is therefore advised to get a dental checkup as soon as you find them.


Enamel Microabrasion
The dentist takes out small pieces of the enamel to reduce the density of white spots. Moreover, a bleaching method is applied to get uniform color on teeth.

Dental veneer
A tooth colored protective layer placed on the teeth. White spots and other discolorations vanish with a blink of an eye.

Topical fluoride
This treatment option is suitable for people who suffer from enamel hypoplasia or turner’s tooth. Fluoride enhances the growth of minerals and helps in the restoration of the protective covering.

Composite resin
The dents and pit with white spots can be filled in properly with composite resin. It is best suited for people who have multiple white spots on their teeth.


  • apt brushing and floss technique
  • use of fluoride toothpaste – for people who face enamel abrasion
  • use of fluoride-free water – for people who are at the risk of developing excess fluoride
  • testing the contents of water
  • reduction of acid-containing or sugary food intake


All in all, there is no need to worry about the white spots on teeth. However, if they accompany other symptoms, then it is advised to get an expert opinion on them. Dentists at Vintage Smile Family Dentistry are here for your aid. Please reach out to us for any queries. Call at (281) 251-7770 to schedule an appointment or more.


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