Preventative Dental Care in Houston, Texas 77070

Preventative Dental Care Checkup in houston, TX
The ADA recommends a dental exam every six months. With regular dental exams, you can catch minor dental issues before they become full-blown health problems. These exams are also a great opportunity to connect with your dentist and get professional advice about your oral care.

Read on to learn why you shouldn’t skip this appointment.

Why Preventative Care Matters

Dental issues can impact a person’s overall health. While treating tooth decay and oral disease is certainly important, preventing these problems should still be the top priority. Preventative care will help your teeth stay healthier over the course of your life, saving you from fillings and other dental procedures down the line. It’s the easiest way to save time, money, and stress.

What Happens at a Dental Checkup?

During your exam, your dentist will check your teeth, gums, and tongue for signs of potential issues. They will use their gloved hands and simple tools to examine the surface of your teeth. They will also use x-rays and imaging software to get a total look at your oral health. After examining your mouth, you and your dentist will have an honest conversation about your dental goals and overall health.

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