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If you have an infected tooth, your dentist may recommend getting a tooth removal. Specifically, your dentist will most probably have you get a root canal. A root canal treatment can save your tooth from extraction by clearing away an infection. If you are a candidate for a root canal and are looking for affordable treatment in Houston, TX, the dentists at Vintage Smile Family Dentistry can help. Our mission is to make your treatment quick and pain-free so that you can get back to life without the worries of a toothache. Schedule an appointment today with our root canal specialists by calling (281) 251-7770.

What Makes You A Candidate?

A tooth infection attacks the dental pulp, which is the center of the tooth. Consequently, the infection causes severe pain and discomfort. The center contains all the tooth’s vital organs, including blood vessels, nerves, and other connective tissues. Damage to this sensitive part can result in tooth extraction. A root canal treatment acts as a counter to the extraction, removes the infection, and alleviates the pain and discomfort caused by the infection.

As soon as your dentist diagnoses your tooth with an infection, immediately getting a root canal is the key to reducing pain and increasing the chances of successful treatment. However, sudden expenses can be something out of the blue for your budget. To ensure you can pay for your treatment, we have set our prices at a minimum. With Vintage Smile and Family Dentistry, you can take avail of cheap root canal treatment in Houston, Texas.

What Makes The Tooth Infected?

Various reasons may cause your tooth to become infected, including:
  • Chipped or damaged tooth due to an injury
  • Dental calculus and bacteria reaching the tooth’s root and causing damage
  • Oral work performed on the same site several times
  • Damaged dental crowns or bridges

How Does The Root Canal Procedure Work?

The treatment starts with the numbing of an infected tooth, for which your dentist will use local anesthesia and other sedation dentistry techniques. In the next step, the tooth is wrapped with a rubber dam to keep it dry from saliva. In addition, your dentist will then drill a hole through the tooth to eliminate any infection, decay, and bacteria from the opening. During your next visit, the infected tooth will be filled with interior dental filling and the exterior hole with a regular dental filling.

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost?

The cost of a root canal treatment depends on your dentist’s locality, the severity of the damage, and your affected tooth’s location. You can expect $700 to be your starting cost; however, it can go as high as $1500 for a single tooth. With various discounts and payment options, we offer cheap rates for a root canal treatment that can be difficult to find.

Recovery After A Root Canal Treatment

To speed up the healing process, dentists recommend not to chew anything with the affected tooth. You can expect some pain and discomfort following the treatment; your dentist will recommend over-the-counter pain relievers to help decrease the pain.

Root Canal Specialist In Houston

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