Sore Mouth roof Hurts So Much, Why?

The roof of your mouth is known as a palate and is made of two kinds, soft and hard tissues. They may become painful from time to time since many reasons can contribute to it; one of which is trauma. Mostly, these issues do not directly threaten health; on the other hand, few are grave. If the roof of your mouth hurts often, then this blog is for you. Stay with us to know the top 5 reasons for it.

Why does The Roof of Your Mouth Hurts So Much?

The mouth palate may suffer from pain and discomfort in the following conditions:

Electrolyte imbalance

Your bodily fluids, such as blood and urine, contain minerals called electrolytes. Their level of maintenance ensures that your body runs smoothly. Either too high or deficient electrolyte levels can result in inflammation in the roof of your mouth, swollen oral cavity, etc.

Burnt roof

The palate of your mouth is fragile and made up of soft tissues on the surface. It is that area that can easily burn, causing painful bumps to appear on the mouth’s roof. A burnt palate does not require medical aid because it heals itself within 5 to 7 days naturally.

Mouth sores – Canker or Cold

When sores, either canker or cold, begin developing, they result in inflammation in the roof of your mouth. There are many reasons for a canker sore to appear; however, we are mentioning two of the triggers: anxiety and hormonal changes.

Apart from the mouth palate, the cheeks and gums surrounding the teeth are common areas of canker sore emergence.

On the other hand, cold sores are a consequence of a common virus known as the herpes simplex virus HSV. Usually, the cycle of cold sores does not surpass 7 days, and they mostly resolve on their own. Most of the time, these sores appear on the lip but can also grow on your mouth’s roof.

4 Use of alcohol

Alcohol poses a serious threat to the physical well-being of the oral cavity. Heavy drinkers may experience inflammation and soreness in the roof of their mouth due to rash. The main reason is alcohol consumption leading to frequent urination, which dehydrates the body.

5. Torus Palatinus

It is a name given to a boney harmless growth like a bump on the mouth roof. Some may have it at birth already, whereas few may see them later in life. The size varies, and they are harmless in most cases.

Other Symptoms That Confirm Sore Mouth Roof Presence

Many times soreness in the mouth roof comes along with immense pain. Some causes for this may be serious, which include:

  • Hepatitis
  • Oral cancer
  • Liver disease related to alcohol

Muscle spasms
Electrolyte balance is essential for many functions as well as organ maintenance. When it goes too low, your body suffers from cramps, involuntary contractions, as well as muscle spasms.

Final Outlook

This condition is usually harmless; however, if the mouth palate starts swelling up uncontrollably, or in case there is any sort of mouth bleeding, contact a dental professional immediately. If you live in the vicinity of Houston, Texas, get in touch with dentists from Vintage Smile Family Dentistry at (281) 0251-7770.


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