What Indicates A Need For Emergency Tooth Extraction

If your tooth hurts a lot, getting help quickly is important. Sometimes, you might need the tooth removed immediately because of infection, decay, or injury. But what does an emergency tooth extraction involve? Let’s discuss

What Is an Emergency Dental Extraction?

Numerous dental offices offer emergency dentistry services. It is needed when a dentist removes one or more damaged, decayed, or stuck teeth. They might need to do this if you have a toothache because of infection, decay, injury, or other dental problems.

Will a Dentist Pull an Infected Tooth the Same Day?

If your dentist can manage the pain, they can remove an infected tooth. If they can’t numb the tooth, you might need antibiotics for a few days before the extraction. In more serious cases, your dentist might refer you to an oral surgeon.

Reasons You Need an Emergency Tooth Extraction

The American College of Prosthodontists reports that about 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. Tooth loss can happen because of decay, disease, trauma, or infections. However, it can be tough for patients to know when they need an emergency tooth extraction. Following are some common reasons:

  • Tooth Cannot Be Repositioned: Sometimes, a tooth gets knocked loose, and the dentist can’t put it back in place properly. In these cases, it might be best to remove the tooth.
  • Chip or Crack Beyond Repair: If a tooth gets chipped or cracked badly, it might not be fixable with a crown or veneer. If the damage reaches the tooth’s root and it’s severely broken, it might need to be taken out.
  • Severe Tooth Decay: When a tooth has deep decay, it can cause serious problems. If the decay is too bad for a filling or root canal to fix, the tooth might need to be removed.
  • Severe Tooth Infection: Sometimes, a tooth gets really infected, and a root canal can’t fix it. In these cases, taking out the tooth might be the only option to stop the infection.
  • Weak Supporting Structures: Gum disease can weaken the gums and jawbone, which can make teeth loose. If the gums and bone can’t be fixed, the teeth might need to be removed and replaced.

How Do Dentists Extract a Tooth in Emergency?

When you go to the dentist, they might take some pictures of your teeth to see what’s happening. If you need an emergency tooth extraction, they will probably numb the area around the tooth with some medicine so you don’t feel pain during the procedure.

Taking out the tooth depends on which tooth it is and where it is in your mouth. The dentist might need to use special tools like forceps to pull out the tooth.

Afterward, the dentist will tell you how to care for the area where the tooth was removed, such as keeping it clean and not eating certain foods.

Final Thoughts

Many local dental clinics offer an emergency tooth extraction. If you suffer from poor oral health, tooth abscess, tooth decay, damaged or broken teeth, gum disease, or impacted wisdom teeth, you are a candidate for it.

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