What Will Happen After I Stop Wearing Retainer For A Month?

Crooked teeth are a bad influence on personal development. Getting braces on is one of the easiest methods to straighten your pearly whites. The time span for this treatment to complete is very long and excruciating. However, the treatment does not end when braces come off. The time following braces removal is critical. But, not wearing a retainer even for a month can hamper the results you worked hard for.

We know getting rid of braces is what people undergoing this treatment want which is why they do not want to wear anything after it. Trust us; it will do more harm than good. Here’s what happens if you don’t wear your retainers after braces.

After a Week

Your teeth will start moving towards their original position as soon as you take the pressure off them. The speed of teeth shifting depends on each individual. Even the slightest of change will impact how the retainer fits on the teeth.

Nights are crucial; not wearing a retainer while sleeping after braces treatment will result in relapse.

What Will Happen After Not Wearing a Retainer for a Month?

Try not to force fit your old retainer, wearing it again can hurt your teeth after a month. You go through severe bite changes like under bite, overbite, or cross bite during this time. The teeth start moving to their original crooked position as well. You will need to schedule an appointment to get another one that fits like a puzzle with your teeth.

After a Year

Nothing lasts forever. Not wearing a retainer for the whole year after braces is one of the biggest mistakes you’d make. Your teeth will shift back and get even worse than it was initially was, to begin with. Correcting them would mean getting braces and going through the process all over again.

Moreover, as we age, the teeth tend to get crowded and shrink towards the tongue. After getting braces treatment and not following retainer after it, this process is expedited multifold.

Some Tips to Not Forget Wearing Your Retainer

Since not wearing retainers after getting braces off affects your teeth, here are some tips which might help you:

  • Set an alarm on your phone, one in the morning and the other at meal times.
  • Post a note for yourself. What is the first thing you see in the morning, mirror, right? Post it there for a gentle reminder.


Not wearing a retainer for a month or more results in losing everything you worked day and night for. Your pearly whites will go back to the way they were or may worsen. So, it is essential to use a retainer.
If you are in need of a new one due to any circumstance and live near or in Houston, reach out to us for your dentistry needs. We are smile experts and will cater to your needs. Contact Vintage Smile Family Dentistry at 281 251 7770


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