Why Do I Have A Blood Blister In Mouth?

Ouch! Did you just bite your cheek? Well, it is not a good habit to eat your food in such haste. This leads to a sore forming in that area with blood in it! Do not worry; blood blister in mouth is more common than you think and mostly goes away on its own.

A blood blister can be anywhere in your mouth, cheek, tongue, or even the roof palate. So many questions must be rummaging through your mind, why is it there? How will it go? When will it go? Just take a deep breath, and read on to find answers to your queries.

Angina bullosa haemorrhagica (ABH) – blood blister in mouth

ABH is a rare disorder, presented with dark-colored or purple blisters filled with blood in the oral cavity. They are commonly known as a blood blister or an oral blood blister. They can appear anytime and may stay on for a few days before they burst. Healing is quick and swift once they rupture without leaving a scar.


The causes range from simple to complex.

  • iron insufficiency
  • vitamin B12 deficiency
  • celiac disease
  • herpes
  • arthritis
  • skin rash
  • allergies
  • hormonal changes
  • medications, for example, NSAIDs or steroids
  • toothpaste
  • smoking cigarette
  • eating hard food
  • local anesthesia
  • diabetes
  • dental procedure


A blood blister in the mouth usually does not need external assistance; it either shrinks or bursts independently. If the blister was painful initially, it might relieve some pain after bursting. But, the skin during the healing process may cause irritation and pain.

It is important to let the blister burst on its own. Premature popping will make the lesion vulnerable to bacterial manifestation. Be careful not to use alcohol-containing mouthwashes; they will sting.

Ice packs and over-the-counter medications work well for managing pain.

Avoiding hot spicy food items is always a good idea in this condition.

Are blood blisters and mouth sores different?

Canker sores, fever blisters, and blood blisters all appear in the mouth. They are similar but not the same; read on to know how to differentiate between them.

  • Canker sores grow as red ulcers covered with a white or yellow film-like lining. On the other hand, mouth blood blisters appear dark bluish, or purple in color.
  • Fever blisters often knock before coming. They start off with a tingling sensation and later form blisters. Whereas blood blisters just appear randomly. Fever blisters mostly form on the lips on the outside rather than inside.
  • Allergies to foods containing cinnamon, citrus fruits, acidic food, etc

If the blisters appear more often or do not dissolve or pop after two weeks, you must see your doctor. It may cause trouble in breathing and hinder normal functioning.

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