Why Do I Have Tooth Pain After Root Canal?

You may look forward to a pain-free time after your root canal procedure, but what if the discomfort only becomes worse? While some level of pain is normal after the endodontic treatment, it could be an indicator of an underlying issue. So, do you have tooth pain after a root canal?

From bone infection to oversized filling, there are multiple causes of tooth pain after a root canal. Read this blog to learn the possible reasons this happens!

Why You Have Tooth Pain After Root Canal

Some causes of pain after you have a root canal include:

  1. Bone Infection
    When you have the root canal, the endodontist makes sure to thoroughly clean your tooth and eliminate the infection. A cap and filling are used to cover the affected tooth after the procedure. Sometimes, though, bacteria manage to spread to the bone surrounding the root of your tooth, which could be responsible for the painful symptoms.
  2. Root Canal Infection
    Reinfection is a pretty common reason behind tooth pain after a root canal. After your root canal, something might cause the filling to leak, and this gives bacteria an ideal chance to invade the root canal. Your saliva also contains bacteria, which might invade the tooth after filling leaks.
  3. Oversized Crown or Filling
    Sometimes, the tooth pain is because your crown or filling is oversized, causing discomfort after a root canal. If your dental restoration sits too high, disturbing the bite, it could be the culprit behind your painful tooth. Your dentist will use gutta-percha after the root canal to fill the tooth, and they might accidentally overfill the space, which leads to tooth pain after a root canal.
  4. Missed Canal
    When the procedure is performed on a molar, it can sometimes result in a missed canal — the endodontist might be unable to detect one of the many infected canals, and it results in tooth pain after a root canal. This is because a small pocket of bacteria or a piece of nerve is sealed in the tooth as your endodontist was unable to spot it. If this happens, you will experience increased tooth sensitivity, pain, and other painful symptoms.
  5. Surrounding Tissues are Damaged
    In some root canal treatments, the tissue surrounding your affected tooth might become damaged. This is especially true of the bacteria entering the nearby tissue. That’s not all! If you have overfilling, it can harm the tissue present below the root ip as well. Moreover, the file your dentist uses to clean could possibly poke the tissue by accident, which might be why your tooth hurts. In short, all of these instances can be why you have tooth pain after a root canal.

Final Word

You may have pain after a root canal for a number of reasons, which include damaged tissues, reinfection, bone infection, missed canal, and more. While slight discomfort is normal, you will need dental attention for severe or constant pain.

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